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Japanese Whisky Special

Join us for a captivating masterclass exploring the world of Japanese Blended Whisky. Often overshadowed by Scotch, Japanese whiskies offer a distinct flavor profile, emphasizing floral, citrus, and honeyed notes. Led by Mr. Eddie Nara, lead tutor and Whisky and Gin Ambassador in Hong Kong, this exclusive event will discover the distinct characteristics and fascinating history of Japanese blends. The Japanese whisky flight price starts at HK$350.

Whisky Discovery – Explore Japanese Whisky
HK$388 per person

 ONLY on 24 April 2024 (Wednesday), 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Guest Speaker of the night: Mr. Eddie Nara, lead tutor and Whisky and Gin Ambassador in Hong Kong
Cheese and nuts will be served on the side.

FUJIMI Blended Japanese Whisky: It is with great precision that different malt and grain whiskies are selected and blended in Japan. The aging in oak barrels brings complexity and character to this whisky made to be drunk dry.

HINOTORI 5 Years Old Blended Japanese Whisky: It is distilled by the small distillery of the same name “Hinotori” which rises from its ashes after a stop in its production. This grain whisky and malt whisky have been aged in new American white oak barrels for 5 years.

FUYU Japanese Blended Whisky (Mizunara Finish): This is a three-year-old blend made up of 50% malt and 50% corn. This hand-blended whisky comes from three distilleries around Kyoto. This whisky is matured in American white oak casks, with a six-month finishing period in a Mizunara barrel.

JUNENMYO (Seven) Blended Whisky: It is a malt whisky brewed with Scotch peated malt (50PPM), then blended with selected Scotch grain whisky. Moderately peaty, fruity and sweet, with prominent ripe peach flavors and a long finish.

Mr. Eddie Nara – lead tutor and Whisky and Gin Ambassador in Hong Kong

+852 2121 5023 (phone) / +852 9816 1110 (WhatsApp)

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