Our Sustainable Actions in Place

We attach a great deal of value to respect for the environment. We show our commitment by actively participating in the protection of the environment, in the following ways:

Increasing awareness among our guests:
We meet the ‘green’ needs of our guests and inspire them to help us work towards a better world. Because our guests can also make a contribution during their stay, by making conscious choices in a number of areas.

  • Changing towels / bed linen in guest rooms on request;
  • We serve ECO-certified coffee from Nespresso;
  • We serve various organic products for breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • Our menus include house-planted vegetables and herbs;
  • We use re-usable bottle water in guest rooms to eliminate plastic bottle.

Reducing our impact on the environment:
We also contribute to a reduction of the release of chemical substances by using the below organic bathroom toiletries:

  • We prefer local suppliers where possible;
  • MALIN+GOETZ amenities collection – high-end skincare brand from New York City that uses natural and gentle ingredients;
  • Biodegradable bathroom dispensers in the guest rooms;
  • We use re-usable glasses in the bathroom instead of plastic cups.

Reducing energy consumption:
We conduct daily measurements of our gas and electricity use. In addition, we have introduced the following measures to reduce energy consumption:

  • We use low energy consumption lamps, reducing lighting and installations at night and aim to adjust our equipment, technical installations and operating methods to make them as efficient as possible.
  • All hotel room use energy savers which allow the lights only turning on when the guest rooms are occupied;
  • A high-yield central heating system is implemented;
  • A building management system to regulate the heating and cooling of various areas;
  • Interior and exterior lights operate on various motion sensors and timers
  • Use of energy-saving solar resistant film on various windows;
  • Recycling energy in service elevators.

Reducing our waste:
We keep a close eye on the waste flows in the hotel by taking monthly measurements of the various waste material components:

  • We work with certified organizations for the collection and recycling of the waste like cardboard, paper, glass, small chemical waste (broken lamps, batteries, and paints), electrical equipment, ink cartridges and toners, plastic foil and kitchen swill;
  • We takes action in recycling efforts and waste sorting for papers, plastics, aluminum cans. Also, we recycle our name tags;
  • Promoting elimination of food waste via local NGO Foodlink to support the society;

Encouraging Social Commitment:
We promote the ACCOR Group commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by offering equal opportunities at work to all employees and against discriminations of any types.

  • Respect for different cultures, religions and each other’s opinions;
  • Safeguarding the safety and health of our guests and staff;
  • Contributing to the development of the local economy and society;
  • Ensuring that know-how and expertise is transferred to future generations.
  • Promoting donation of clothes via hotel staff activities to help the local community.