Five Reasons You Should Book a Japanese Boutique Hotel Today

By definition, a boutique hotel is a “small stylish hotel, typically situated in a fashionable urban location.” Boutique hotels have distinctive characteristics from interior furnishings and style, size, theme, and service. 

Today, let’s uncover AKI Hong Kong – MGallery, a new 25-story Japanese boutique hotel in Wan Chai, and its five unique characteristics that will make you fall in love with a Japanese boutique hotel today. 

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  1. Japanese Boutique Hotels Have a Personalized Design

While Japanese boutique hotels follow the Japanese personality, each hotel’s unique identity reflects its design. AKI has a minimalist style and a touch of light natural wood tones, and artistic modern mood lighting. Its name alludes to the Japanese kanji character for “bright” and “clear,” evoking a calming and cozy environment, making you feel at home. It has high ceilings and oversized windows with a panoramic city view that connects you to the hotel’s personalized design. 

  1. Your Japanese Palate is 100% Satisfied 

Food quality is one of the primary metrics of customer satisfaction. Food will always remain remarkable for the guests, and if you have a Japanese palate, definitely AKI MGallery is a must-visit for you. Their signature restaurant “TANGRAM” offers Japanese-inspired tapas and selected small international plates. It has a unique feature where you can have an interactive breakfast and lively bento boxes for lunch. Guests can create their menu, in effect composing their TANGRAM. 

TANGRAM serves breakfast from 6:30 am to 10:30 am every Monday to Friday and 6:30 am to 11:00 am every weekend and Public Holiday. They serve lunch on weekdays from 12:00nn to 2:30 pm. TANGRAM also has happy hour from 3 pm to 7 pm every day, where they offer to buy 1, take one free to their drinks. Evening tapas were served from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm every day. 

  1. 5-Star Service

 A 5-Star hotel is geared towards high-quality service to guests. The services and amenities of the hotel require quality and close attention to detail. The service staff was highly trained to provide the best experience. You can find excellent people in a perfect place with excellent service. 

A Japanese boutique hotel located at the center of Wan Chai, Hong Kong, offers a 5-star service. You will have access to a Japanese-inspired restaurant, a whisky bar, and a lobby lounge that offers savor food and unique liquors. Hotel rooms in this Japanese boutique are highly digital, with a smart TV, wireless charger, and a smart room control tablet. The rooms have a city view that you can enjoy while having a break. This Japanese boutique hotel also offers laundry service.

  1. They have Gymnasium 

Gymnasiums are standard in hotels, but this Japanese boutique hotel gives fitness enthusiasts a unique experience as the gymnasium is located on the 25th floor of the AKI hotel with a city view and a partial view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. 

A gymnasium is a perfect place for guests who value health and physical fitness. The gym has the most advanced equipment for their workout, from weight lifting to cardio sessions. This includes treadmills, benches and racks, weights, and fitness gym machines. You can also monitor and track your exercise on the smart devices provided inside the gym. 

The gym is open 24/7 and accessible to guests using their key cards.

  1. More Than Just a Japanese Boutique Hotel

To every alcohol connoisseur, AKI is more than a Japanese Boutique Hotel. Up on its 25th floor,  you can explore Uncle Ming’s Whisky Bar, designed for whisky lovers with around 80 international whiskies such as single malts and international labels. It highlights the 36-count Scottish blends and the “Around The World” whisky flights and cocktails by the bar manager, Maurice Bekouchi. Uncle Ming’s has a private room you can rent if you prefer an intimate gathering. 

Meanwhile, the Lobby Lounge is a healthy selection of juice and organic snacks. At night, you can enjoy a glass of wine. It gives a natural vibe for hangouts, catching up with work, or casual meetings. This is accessible to guests who want to invite over their friends or colleagues.

Experience Japanese Boutique Hotel with AKI Hong Kong – MGallery

There are numerous hotels in Wan Chai, but Japanese boutique hotels will always provide you with a memorable experience. You’ll see first-class service from the room architecture to the bar and restaurant. You may have a lot of options, but AKI Hong Kong – MGallery is the best place to experience luxury, elegance, and Japanese traditions. This hotel provides a tailored fit service based on the guests’ preferences.

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