Five Hotel Amenities You Should Look For

Guests are staying at hotels for a variety of reasons. Whatever it is, one thing is sure: the hotel’s amenities make a huge difference in their experience. It meets their needs and can either make or break their expectations, impacting their satisfaction and overall perspective on their chosen hotel.

There are hundreds of hotels in Wan Chai Hong Kong, and each hotel’s amenities make them unique and different, and if you’re searching for the best hotel, AKI MGallery Hotel is the place to be. 

At AKI MGallery Hotel, we ensure to give you the best experience as you enter our lobby. Below are five hotel amenities you will surely enjoy when you visit this magnifique Asian hideaway.

Restaurant and Bar

Having a restaurant and bar in the hotel provides you with a hundred percent convenience. You don’t need to leave the hotel to find a place to eat or drink, saving you time and effort, especially if you prefer ticking off your top itinerary. Here are the restaurants and bars you must try when you check in to AKI MGallery Hotel.

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  • Lobby Lounge – If you’re looking for a place offering a sense of peace and healthy food, you can always count on the Lobby Lounge. You can relax, recharge, and enjoy organic and light dishes, such as fresh detox juices and a selection of salads and sandwiches. Yes! You can also experience a luxurious yet cheerful and upbeat vibe in the area. 
  • TANGRAM – It’s an all-day restaurant where you can taste various cuisines in one sitting. At TANGRAM, you can enjoy interactive breakfast on creative plates prepared by our expert chefs. Your lunch is served in bowl style and you can also experience an evening sake bar. TANGRAM boasts its special AKI Bowls such as Parisian mushrooms, Confit Duck Leg, Pork Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand, and more.
  • Uncle Ming’s – It’s a sky bar located on the rooftop of AKI Hong Kong MGallery with a panoramic view of the breathtaking city lights of Wan Chai. Uncle Ming is known for its Around the World whiskey flight and offers more than 80 selections of international whiskies including rare single malts.

AKI MGallery Hotel’s restaurant and bar are of prime quality! You can relish fantastic and delicious meals and drinks a few steps away from your deluxe room.


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You will never miss getting in shape while staying in the AKI MGallery with its 24-hour gymnasium. It’s located on the 25th floor of the AKI hotel with a city view and a partial view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. You can exercise with their bicycles, treadmills, fitness machines, and free weights. You can also use the advanced equipment from strength-building to cardio sessions. 

If you value health and well-being every single day, look no further than AKI MGallery! 

Smart Living

Hotels now offer their guests a “smart living” experience through technology & automation.

In AKI MGallery hotel, we connect a smart room control tablet to adjust the lighting, temperature, and other room settings and access hotel services and amenities from the comfort of your bed or chair. Wireless chargers are also available and are compatible with multiple devices creating a more accessible and convenient set-up.

Discover a more brilliant way of living only at AKI MGallery! 

Coffee & Tea All Day

Indulge in the ultimate coffee and tea experience at AKI MGallery Hotel, with its perfect brew any time of the day. Unwind with a cup of hot coffee or soothing tea made through the Nespresso Coffee machine with a 180-degree panoramic view from your room. 

At AKI MGallery Hotel, every guest room has the finest coffee and tea-making facility to begin and end your day with a serene brew.

24-hour Co-working Space 

co working space - hotel amenities in Wan Chai Hong kong by Aki Mgallery

If you’re traveling in Wan Chai, you don’t need to worry about a working space for urgent work meetings and deliverables. AKI MGallery Hotel has a 24-hour co-working space that provides a flexible, convenient, and professional environment for you to work and collaborate. The hotel offers high-speed internet, private meeting rooms, and healthy light snacks. These amenities can help you become more productive and comfortable while working.

Enjoy World-Class Amenities at AKI MGallery Hotel

At AKI MGallery, we are committed to excellence. Our friendly and dedicated staff ensures that every moment of your stay is exceptional.

Ready to experience the ultimate amenities of the 5-star luxury hotel in Hong Kong? Book your stay today! Call us at +852 2121 5088 or email [email protected]

We can’t wait to welcome you!